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Petzl P50A Rescue Swing Side Pulley

Petzl Rollclip Z Triact-Lock Pulley Carabiner

Petzl Mobile Compact Pulley

BlueWater Ropes Micro Pulley

Rock Exotica P51 Omni-Block Swivel Pulley

Climbing Technology RollNLock

Petzl Rollclip Pulley Carabiner with Triact-Lock

SMC 157303 CRx Pulley

Rock Exotica P54 Omni-Block Single Pulley

Petzl FIXE Versatile Compact Pulley

Rock Exotica P55 Omni-Block Swivel Pulley

Rock Exotica P53 Omni-Block Swivel Pulley

Petzl Swivel Open

Rock Exotica P22-B Machined Rescue Pulley

Showing 1-16 of 95

1-16 of 95

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Rope Pulleys 

When climbing a tower pulleys can serve a range of different purposes. The type of pulley that will work for you depends on what the job requires, but a few things to keep in mind when selecting a pulley are: weight, max rope size, sheave, whether it has progress capture capabilities or not, single vs. double, and size. Pulleys come in a range of different styles. Looking for a compact pulley from Petzl or a swivel pulley from Rock Exotica? We’ve got all of that and more.

Not sure what pulley would work the best for you, or looking for something specific? Click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.