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Rescue Gear

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Pac-Kit Titanium Bonded Shears

BlueWater Ropes Mini-Haul Tactical Kit

GME Supply 9026 Standard Rescue Kit

GME Supply 9025 Rescue Kit

GME Supply 9050 Deluxe Rescue Kit

GME Supply 9010 Basic Rescue Kit

Yates 532 Big Wall Rescue and Safety Ladder

Storm Orange Personal Safety Whistle

GME Supply 9027 Tower Z Rig Rescue Kit

DBI Sala Rollgliss Rescue Pole

Sterling Rope PDQ2 Tower Emergency Descent/Escape System

GME Supply Controlled Descent Kit

Falcon 5 Ounce Sonic Blast Horn

Tractel Derope Up A Descent Device

Yates Heavy Rescue Harness

PMI Multi-Strap

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1-16 of 50

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Tower Climber Emergency and Rescue Gear

It’s no secret that climbing towers for a living is a dangerous job. While we would all like to believe that accidents don’t happen, we know they do. Being prepared for emergency situations is not only important but it's required by law. Our selection of emergency and rescue gear will have you in compliance and ready to rescue in no time. No two rescue operations are the same, but we have all the rescue gear required to meet your needs. Our selection of rescue equipment includes descent devices, water and fire rescue equipment, patient care, emergency equipment, and first aid supplies.

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