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GME Supply Waterproof Rope Bag

Sterling Small Rope Bag

PMI XX-Large Rope Pack

Sterling Large Rope Bag

PMI Standard Rope Bag

PMI X-Large Rope Pack

Elk River EZE-Man Rope Bag

PMI Large Rope Pack

Sterling Medium Rope Bag

Petzl Rope Bucket

Elk River 84302 Eze-Man Small Rope Bag

PMI Deluxe Large Rope Pack

Pelican Heavy Duty Rope and Gear Bag

Petzl Jet Throw-Bag

GME Supply Rope Bag Kit

PMI PVC Gear Pack

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1-16 of 21

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Rope Bags and Rope Storage

Rope is an important part of every at-height setup. In many cases, it is literally your lifeline. Which means you need to take it with you everywhere you go. But, it’s not always the easiest piece of gear to transport. On top of being difficult to transport, it can easily get tangled and add unnecessary work to your day. Imagine getting to your job location ready to get the day started, only to have to spend an hour sorting through your rope. Once you sort through it, you realize it got cut during transportation. Now, not only did you waste an hour of your morning, but you have to find a replacement rope.

That’s where rope bags come in. The name pretty much explains the product - it’s a bag for rope. While all rope bags have the same overall purpose - to safely store and transport rope - there are a few key factors to consider when selecting a rope bag. The things to consider are:

Document Pockets;
Additional Storage;
Applications; and

When considering size, you can use this handy size chart which is available to download for free in our Knowledge Base. We’ve also got a blog post dedicated to helping you find the perfect rope bag. You can find that blog post here.

For more information about our selection of rope bags, or if you have any questions you can click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.