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PMI Crane-Tek Rescue Solution

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PMI Crane-Tek Rescue Solution

PMI Crane-Tek Rescue Solution is designed for possible emergency evacuations for workers in high places who are not wearing a harness. The D4 Descender forms the foundation of this kit, allowing for immediate rope descent. The D4 Descender features a double-action safety mechanism that stops if you let go of the handle or if you pull the handle too hard in a panic. When the panic lock is engaged, simply turn the handle until it gets back into the lowering position and you can continue your descent.

Kit Includes:

  • PMI Wire Rope Sling - 1 Meter
  • PMI D4 by ISC
  • PMI Advantage Helmet
  • PMI Hasty X Evacuation Seat
  • (2) SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiner
  • SMC ANSI Safety Lock Carabiner
  • Carrying Bag

Rope Length Options:

  • 11mm Extreme Pro 25m - 82 feet (PM-KT36176)
  • 11mm Extreme Pro 66m - 216.5 feet (PM-KT36166)
  • 11mm Extreme Pro 100m - 328 feet (PM-KT36174)

SKU C-PM-KT36176
Manufacturer GME Supply