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Pelican D-12 Dyneema Tow and Winch Line

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Pelican D-12 Dyneema Tow and Winch Line

This high-performance rope is the ideal choice for industrial lines and features superior strength and low weight specific gravity. Unaffected by oil and common chemicals, this high strength rope is easily spliced, exhibits low flex fatigue, near zero creep, excellent abrasion resistance with a low elongation-to-break ratio. Load-sharing and staggering failure built in can eliminate dangerous backlash. The fiber grades used in the Pelican D-12 Dyneema ropes are SK60, SK65, SK75, and SK78.

Dyneema is pound for pound 10 times stronger than steel and 33% lighter than nylon with over three times the strength of polyester or nylon. Additional protection is provided by our urethane coating. Eyes are professionally hand-spliced along with polyester chafe guards. Break strength remains constant in wet or dry conditions making this the perfect choice for heavy duty winch line, mooring, and towing lines, offshore positioning ropes, yachting lines, commercial fishing ropes.


  • World's Strongest Fiber
  • Low Flex Fatigue
  • Near Zero Creep 
  • High UV Resistance
  • Floats on Water due to the 0.98 specific gravity
  • Eliminates Backlash
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • 3x Stronger than Polyester or Nylon


Diameter 1/4 inch 5/16 inch 3/8 inch 7/16 inch 1/2 inch
Tensile Strength 8,700 lbs 13,300 lbs 19,500 lbs 23,500 lbs 34,000 lbs
Weight (lbs/100') 1.4 2.2 3.1 6.0 6.8

  • 6% Elongation at Break
  • 12 strand single braid
  • Melting point at 300°F and loss of strength at 150°F

Available Options:

Lengths Diameter SKU
600 feet / 1,200 feet 1/4 inch

PL-7D-080-06S / PL-7D-080-12S

5/16 inch

PL-7D-100-06S / PL-7D-100-12S

3/8 inch

PL-7D-120-06S / PL-7D-120-12S

600 feet 7/16 inch


1/2 inch


Country of Manufacture: United States
Manufacturer: Pelican Rope