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Positioning Lanyards

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Petzl L052AA Grillon Adjustable Positioning Lanyard

Petzl L052CA GRILLON HOOK U Adjustable Positioning Lanyard

Guardian 01280 Adjustable Lanyard

FallTech 8209 Adjustable Web Lanyard

Petzl L052DA Grillon MGO Adjustable Positioning Lanyard

Elk River 1/2 Inch Adjustable Positioning Rope Lanyard

Elk River 34406 Adjustable Positioning Lanyard

Elk River 29506 Centurion Adjustable Web Lanyard

6' x 5/8"

Skylotec Ergogrip SK 16 Positioning Lanyard with Rebar Hook

Petzl L052EA GRILLON PLUS Adjustable Positioning Lanyard

Petzl Grillon Hook Replacement Lanyard

Showing 1-16 of 69

1-16 of 69

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Web & Rope Positioning Lanyards

When working at-height, getting the job done while only using one hand isn’t always possible. That’s where positioning lanyards come in. Positioning lanyards have been specifically designed to help position you when working on at-height. A positioning lanyard should only be used in conjunction with a back-up fall arrest device. There are two types of positioning lanyards: adjustable and non-adjustable.

The types are pretty self-explanatory - adjustable positioning lanyards are… adjustable. Whereas regular positioning lanyards are a predetermined length. What type of positioning lanyard you need is dependent on the job at hand. There are 3 main materials that positioning lanyards are made of Non-stretch webbing, stretch webbing, and rope.

If you need help finding the right positioning lanyard for your needs click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.