GME Supply is North America's Premier Outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment, and gear for at-height workers, industry, and construction.

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Gear Experts®

We are your Gear Experts®

Every member of our team has extensive industry know-how and our huge gear selection means we can get you exactly what you need, when and where you need it. But your experience with your Gear Expert® doesn’t stop there. We aim to build a partnership with every one of our customers. That way, you can trust us to get you the gear to not only get the job done, but keep you and your workers safe. See our entire team below. Read what makes them get out of bed every morning, and check out a picture of them doing what they love. Then, give us a ring at (800) 940-6762 and talk to your favorite. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Beard

I grew up in central Illinois where small-town football was all that mattered. I played soccer growing up so naturally, I became a kicker for the football team which eventually paid for college. I went to Central Methodist University and Quincy University where I set numerous records in field goals, PAT’s, and touchbacks.

I then moved to Columbia, Missouri in 2010 to be close to my family. My sister went to MIZZOU and my parents visit all the time. Having a close family has always been important to me and I am blessed with an amazing one. I have always looked for companies with a great culture and a family feel. GME Supply has been everything I hoped it would and then some. The culture and community this company has are truly amazing.

I wake up every morning excited to learn new things regarding safety and how I can benefit everyone involved in the process. Being able to work with manufacturers, companies, and end users gives me a great overall understanding of what goes on in the industry and what I can do to improve every day. I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with any questions, concerns, or solutions that I can.

Alex Fletcher

Growing up working on cars I learned that having the right tool for the job is everything. Here at GME we pride ourselves in making sure at-height workers have the right gear. I grew up in North Carolina and moved to Columbia Missouri with my family over a decade ago. After graduating from the University of Missouri I was fortunate enough to join the team at GME. I enjoy working on cars, spending time outdoors, and being with my loved ones in my free time.

Every day I wake up excited that I get to work with the people I do. It's an infectiously positive workplace where we can all lean on one another to accomplish our goals. We know that getting everyone home at the end of the day is what matters and we are focused on delivering solutions to the problems you face daily. The team at GME strives to be the best at keeping you safe and productive on the job. Reach out to a gear expert to see how we can help today!

Alex Gerlach

I grew up on a farm near a small town in Mid-Missouri where I mostly spent my time playing baseball, baskeball, and fishing. Those activities taught me valuable lessons, and are still a large part of how I identify today.

I left the farm in 2015 to attend The University of Missouri, where I focused on business management. In search of an internship, I discovered GME Supply, where I was given the opportunity to apply what I learned at Mizzou in a practical setting.

During my internship, I became familiar with how special GME is. This is a group that is energetic and determined to be their best every day. I've always been interested in General Construction, as my family has been involved in the industry. However, since joining GME, I have developed a profound interest in infrastructure and the tower industry.

I feel extremely lucky to work every day with unique customers and challenges, a top-notch team, and in an industry that is constantly innovating and growing. I look forward to the chance to work with you to ensure the highest level of safety and productivity!

Andrew Neuenswander

Proud team member of GME Supply! I grew up in a large family in Kansas City, MO and later moved to Columbia, MO in 2010. I now consider Columbia, MO my home and GME Supply a part of my new family. My wife, son, and I enjoy biking on the MKT Trail, hiking and dining at local restaurants. If the weather is nice outside, that is where we will be! Growing up competing in basketball, football and rugby, the competitive nature and tenacity here at GME Supply is contagious to say the least. With a previous career in secondary education, I value the dedication that GME Supply has on developing and training our Gear Experts! As the customer service manager, I am excited to help our clients stay safe and productive on the job site by providing outstanding customer service and gear expertise!

Andrew Pracchia

Growing up at the Lake of the Ozarks, there was never a shortage of outdoor activities to take part in. I spent much of my youth playing sports, camping, and hiking with family and friends. I moved to Columbia to further my education and decided to stick around after my college career ended. These days, I enjoy playing softball, chasing my corgi around dog parks, and spending as much time as I can with my nephew.

At GME Supply, I really appreciate the enthusiasm everyone arrives with every day. We work together as a team and find new ways to keep our customers happy on a daily basis. As my knowledge of the industry increases, I hope the relationships I’ve developed with coworkers and customers continues to grow.

Austin Painter

My wife and I moved to her hometown in Blackwater, Missouri after working in west Tennessee for over 5 years. We love serving others and building relationships everywhere we go. We also enjoy the outdoors and late-night game nights with coffee or ice cream.

I have always had a passion for recreational climbing and backpacking - constantly researching the latest and greatest gear. GME Supply has now expanded my knowledge into a whole new world of at-height safety and protection. I plan to dedicate myself to additional product training to get you the best products.

If there is one thing that I personally strive for each day it is to work hard and work efficiently. Working at GME Supply will be no different. I am here to build relationships and keep you all safely and efficiently working on the job. I look forward to every opportunity in helping others #ClimbHigher.

Brandon Garner

My name is Brandon Garner. I am a Political Science major at Kennesaw State University. Prior to attending KSU, I was a Business Management major at the University of North Georgia, located in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. While there, my love for the outdoors grew as I spent time hiking, hunting and fishing with my friends. Concurrent with my time in college, I spent six years in the Georgia Army National Guard. During this time, I learned the importance of having the right gear and equipment for the job. I look forward to coming into work every day and building on my knowledge of the products you need to keep you working safely and efficiently.

Brandon Monroe

As a Missouri Native, I grew up in the Ozarks where I spent most of my free time hunting, fishing or floating down a river. My adventures led me to a career in arboricultural. I was a tree climber for about 6 years before starting at GME. This incredible journey has landed me at our Denver, CO location. Now my weekends are spent in the mountains with my Blue Heeler Clyde or somewhere on my motorcycle exploring Colorado's scenic byways. I am very thankful for the great opportunities GME has given me and the amazing friends I've made. I look forward to seeing what we do next.

Bryan Dominique

My wife’s job brought me and our small family to Columbia from Springfield. Originally from Kansas City, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with family and friends, barbecuing, camping, hunting, or just spending time at the lake or the farm. One of the nice things about working for GME is that we really get to pull back as a staff and focus on one thing with our customers - Safety! I enjoy how this allows us to partner with companies to ensure that we are giving them the best gear, products, and training to keep their field crews safe. This singular focus gives us a unique opportunity to share with our commercial partners, industry governing regulations that can keep their crews safe while on site. Not just by providing gear, but also continual training from industry experts, and helping to bring forth innovations that can help ensure the safety and success of their tower crews. If I had to describe what we do here at GME in as few as words as possible, it would be: Safety, Partnerships, and Family.

Caleb Messer

The right piece of equipment can make all the difference. My favorite part of my job is working with the professionals in the field to evaluate the shortcomings of current items, and then collaborating with the full range of suppliers to create and refine innovative gear. Give me a shout if there is something you’d like to see in our catalog, whether it exists or not. You might be surprised how quickly a concept can become a reality if you have the right team behind you.

Cody Sellers

Growing up on a family farm in Mid-Missouri taught me about hard work and dedication. I strive to bring this attribute to my professional career as well as my wife and children. I enjoy being outdoors with my kids doing anything recreational. We love sports, swimming, and wrestling (or “serious fight” as my three year old calls it). We also enjoy spending time on the farm riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers.

I’m excited to bring my dedication to this industry and look forward to helping you in any way I can. I love making new friends and look forward to being here for anything you may need.

Colbey Schuster

I am Missouri born and have lived here my entire life. Growing up, I played several different sports and have always been a competitive person. I am a big golfer and if I'm not at work, you can most likely find me somewhere on a golf course.

My GME experience has been awesome. This company invests in each and every employee and provides us the tools to keep our customers safe and compliant on the job, including taking both a climbing a rigging course so we can better understand the solutions we provide.

We are here to serve you!

Corey Gilmore

Why do I do what I do? - To ensure that everyone I work with is safe so they go home to their families at the end of the day.

I’m a gear nut through and through. Whether it be cars, motorcycles, guns, or heavy equipment, I love anything that moves, makes noise, and allows people to get things done. I also love making time to enjoy nature and to improve myself. If you don't find me under a car, or outside soaking up the sun, then you can almost bet I'm trying to learn something new.

I’m a product of two worlds, both rural and urban. I grew up in Perry MO (a town of 693 people), moved to the University of Missouri for college, and then spent a bit of time in St. Louis, Missouri. All these different places have allowed me to gain some valuable insights into the ways we live our lives, and the problems we are all working to solve.

I look forward to learning, growing, and becoming better at serving YOU and YOUR TEAMS. If you need anything at all in regards to being safe at work, feel free to reach out to me anytime via Phone, email, or LinkedIn. Have a great day!

Dave Coble

Many years ago I recognized if you do your best at every task each day you can sleep a lot better at night. At GME Supply it is immediately evident that we require the best out of everyone each day. The first time I walked through the doors, I knew this would be the place for me. At GME Supply we are dedicated to keeping workers safe and get them home to their families safe every night. When I am not at work, chances are you will find me at one of the many practices or games my kids are involved in. I cherish time with my wife and kids, lots of laughs, and family dinners. I am dedicated to helping my customers stay safe and work as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. When you call GME, you are not just getting the expertise of one person, you have the entire team working on your project to get you what you need when you need it.

Houston Barber

Hello and thank you for choosing GME Supply! My name is Houston. I was born and raised in St. Louis but Mid-Missouri is my home. When I'm not in the office you'll find me outside with a bow, fishing rod, or canoe paddle in my hand.

As an avid outdoorsman I know the importance of having the right tool for the job. Whether you're 15' off the ground or 1500', safety and comfort are the priority. Let me handle the headaches of outfitting your company so you can #ClimbHigher.

Jeremy Tilford

As a Columbia, Missouri native, I get the best of both worlds. I get the luxury of having Mizzou Football in my back yard as well as being right down the road from my favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve been blessed with my beautiful wife and four gorgeous daughters. My passions are traveling, eating great food and spending time with family and friends, all with God in the middle.

Being from Mid-Missouri, I’m no stranger to hard work. I believe that when you put in work and effort you will receive a better outcome. Before working at GME, I worked within a retail setting for twelve years and I learned skills that have helped me put the customer first. Working here at GME, I see the focus and dedication to excellence in everyone. I’m excited to bring my drive to the team and help my customers find all the solutions to their safety needs.

Jim Zepp

Molded by my experiences in life, I have grown to appreciate a hard week on the job and cherish my weekends! I take pleasure in many things, but the most important to me is my family and making sure that everything I accomplish is with them in mind. When I am not helping coach my wife’s gymnastics team, I like working on and riding motorcycles, woodworking and pretty much anything outside (unless it’s cold). Sometimes the best thing in life is a cold beer and grilled steak, while chasing my boy around the yard. I have been at GME Supply for 5 years and have grown to love the sweet gear I get to play with. I can’t drive past a tower without looking for ropes hanging and people working up high. The best part of my job at GME is when I can help my clients get what they need and help educate them. I want to make sure the equipment they are using is the right tool to help get the job done safely and efficiently.

John Lamond

I spent most of my time right out of college attending every sporting event and concert possible. I do the same thing now… just with my wife and two kids in tow. They don’t seem to mind. When I’m not working or with the family, you can probably find me playing ice hockey or golfing, depending on the season. I’m determined to skate until they don’t let me play anymore.

We are a young, cutting edge company and while I may be “the old guy” with the funny accent, this office keeps me energized every day. My goal is to keep you safe and do it the smartest and most cost effective way possible. We take it upon ourselves to understand your needs and provide solutions.

I’m excited to work with you and make your GME experience even better.

I also really like pizza. And good whiskey.

Johnathan Bona

My name is Jonathan Bona and I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I am the middle child, book-ended by two incredible sisters, and the only son to two wonderful parents, who moved to Dallas in 1974 from the east coast. I have an amazing 6 year old daughter, Ryan, and she is the light of my world. I recently rekindled my love for, and my journey to see, all of the National Parks in the US. There are approximately 62, and I am about 1/3rd of the way there. One commitment I have made to myself is never stop learning, and one thing I cannot live without is music. I am extremely excited to be a part of this team, and I will leave no stone unturned when working for the opportunity to earn your business.

Justin Kraft

Growing up in Chicago, there was always something to keep me busy; whether it be concerts, sports, the beach or just wondering around the city. I came to Columbia to further my education at Mizzou and in the process grew my passion for hunting and the outdoors. Now days you can find me at a concert around town, out in the marsh during duck season, or in the gym getting in a good workout.

I was excited to join the team at GME and have enjoyed the work ethic and family atmosphere that everyone brings to the office each day. I look forward to providing exceptional customer service and making every purchase better than the previous.

Lee Cagle

Growing up in the north Georgia mountains, I spent much of my childhood outdoors hiking, playing football or wrestling. I was able to take the work ethic and competitive drive from my high-school days into college where I wrestled at the collegiate level. During college, I was introduced to sport rock climbing. I was fortunate enough to compete at the Nationals level in California. As I grew to love the sport, I put a lot of concentration on understanding the different types of gear that are used for different climbs.

You can find my fiancée and I at a Braves baseball game, hiking or taking our two dogs to any park close by!

At GME Supply, I thoroughly enjoy being able to help you and your team maintain safety and security while building professional relationships. CLIMB HIGHER!

Liz Sims

A small town farm girl at heart, I take any chance I can get to travel. My favorite city is Chicago, but Dallas is home to my nephew so it takes first place. I've lived in Mid-MO the majority of my life, but other addresses I've held include Dallas, Kansas City, and Manchester, England. Some of my favorite things to do include pizza & wine nights with girlfriends and catching CrossFit classes with my boyfriend. It's all about balance!

Before coming to GME, I was a high school English teacher at a small school in mid-Missouri. I have a heart for helping, educating, and serving - which is at the core of GME - so it just made sense to begin my new career here. I look forward to coming to work each day to learn more about our ever-growing industries and how I can help be a part of helping you and your business grow, too.

Margo Young

I was born and raised in a small town in north central Missouri. After high school, I traveled to Columbia, Missouri to attend the University of Missouri for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I am very lucky to have three brothers that mean very much to me as well as some awesome friends that keep life interesting and keep me laughing. Some of my favorite activities include spending the day on the golf course on a nice day or attending nearly any country concert.

I am so proud to be a part of the GME crew! I have gained so many friendships and learned so much since joining this close-knit company.

Marquise Doherty

Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. Traveled around as kid playing sports most of my life. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to be selected in the 15th Round of the MLB draft by the Kansas City Royals. I forewent that opportunity to pursue a two sport career at the University of Missouri. I ended my sports career at William Woods in Fulton, MO and started my new career with GME and it has been an amazing experience! I am excited to able to transfer the same skills that allowed me to succeed in sports to the team here at GME! Being able to learn from experts in this industry how we can keep people safe and help them go home to their families every day and contributing to that has been an awesome process to be a part of.

Matthew Guise

I was born and raised in St. Louis County as a part of the Affton School District family. After high school, I moved to Fulton, MO to attend Westminster College on a full academic scholarship. I graduated in May of 2021 with a Bachelor's in Business Communication and a minor in Psychology.

As far as work goes, I spent many years working hard in manual labor jobs until I graciously accepted an opportunity to join the GME family. I was immediately welcomed with open arms by a group that was more than happy to show me the ropes.

My greatest passions involve helping people, learning about different cultures, and playing basketball. I'm more than happy to assist you with anything you might need. Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Michael Obuchowski

Originally from a small town in Vermont, I moved to Missouri in 2009 after finishing college in South Carolina.

I have been at GME since 2016 and working here is like no other place that I have worked at before. I enjoy the fact that every day I come to work, I can expect to be challenged and learn something new. It can be from learning a new piece of safety equipment to better serve our customers, to learning something new about the many different industries we serve. I want to be an asset for you and help you keep yourself and your employees safe and productive.

Michelle Galloway

Born and raised in Illinois, I grew up spending all my free time playing on competitive sports teams. This instilled in me my most favorite part of GME… we are a team. I've been lucky enough to “work” with Team GME since 2013. From customer service, to marketing, to sales, I've enjoyed and appreciated learning all the different aspects of our business. My experience in these different areas allows me to really understand your needs.

My favorite part about being a Gear Expert is helping you stay safe. No matter what the application is, I can help you find innovative solutions for your at-height safety needs.

Outside of the office, you can find me playing basketball with my son in the driveway, watching Cardinals baseball, and eating spicy foods.

Sasha McMillin

Originally from Russia, I moved to the Columbia, MO with my parents when I was six years old. Though I did not speak English well, I bonded quickly with kids my age over our love for soccer. My passion for the game paved my way throughout high school, and into college where I was given a full-ride scholarship to play for Columbia College. There, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, International Business, and Marketing.

After my college career, I moved to Switzerland to spend time with family and work as a Ski and Snowboard Instructor. This experience allowed me the opportunity to explore different cultures and learn more languages. After several years, I decided to move back to the place I call home to start a new chapter in my professional career. I am a pretty active guy, who strives to keep my mind and body busy as often as possible. In my free time I enjoy doing anything I can with my twin boys, working out, biking, climbing, and of course, playing soccer.

I have been with GME Supply since 2013 and love coming in to work, helping people out and learning along the way.

Thanks & Stay Safe.

Tyler Nelson

Growing up in a small town in Missouri I spent a lot of time fishing and playing sports. In college I played a lot of baseball and made some great memories. I’m now married and have a beautiful wife and baby girl. I still enjoy getting out and going to concerts, golfing, umpiring, coaching and fishing. I just have a lot more diapers to change now. I’m sure once my child gets older I will have time for all of that once again. For now I will settle for grilling on the weekend and golfing when I can.

I have been with GME for 4 years and couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. I take a lot of pride in working hard for my customers to make sure we are staying knowledgeable and competitive. I look forward to serving my customers and learning more about the industry each day.